Jacob’s first tooth is coming in and he is not having any fun with that. Despite that, today was his six month birthday and it was filled with fun. As usual, he woke up early today. Then grandma and grandpa Gonzales, mommy, daddy, and he went into Koloa, picked up some breakfast, a birthday cupcake, and some sandwiches for our packed lunch.

Then we drove up/through Kokee State Park and had a picnic atop the mountain. We sang to Jacob and mommy ate his cupcake. He is way too young for cupcakes. After that, we walked through the Kauai Coffee Plantation. Then we all headed to Kukui’ula Village Shopping Center for gourmet farmer’s market.

We also played a voicemail for Jacob of grandma and grandpa Bonilla singing happy birthday to him.

Jacob is getting so big and becoming more and more curious about the world around him. Each day, he makes us laugh. We smile when he smiles and we love spending time with him. Traveling with him has been tough, but these memories that we are gaining are worth it. We know he will not remember it, but at least we have the pictures to prove he was here in Hawaii.