I say “semi” because they are not exactly solids. Last night, Jacob started with a mostly watery mix of rice cereal and breast milk. We will slowly make it less watery and make his way to his little mashed carrots or peas. Other than they fact that it is far too slow for him, he does not seem to mind it. It is messier than his normal feedings, but we all had to start somewhere.

This is a big step for Jacob. So big that we recorded over 8 minutes of video from his first semi-solid meal. Yup. I said over 8 minutes of him just chowing down.

Tonight, he had some more and already fully understand how being fed with a spoon works. Except, once he gets tired of the slowness and inefficiency of eating in this way rather than just out of a bottle, he likes to play with his food by blowing bubbles in it and sending it everywhere.