I look at the days winding down as we near Jacob’s first birthday, and don’t know how we got here. It was just yesterday that I was pregnant and wondering what was a leg or arm. Last week I was marveling at how tiny they made baby clothes and how big they looked on Jacob. And wasn’t it a few minutes ago that he made his first coo, laugh, sit up, start eating solids and learn one skill after another…

I was watching Jacob play today and it is so amazing to see how far he has come. He knows how to put a circle in the right hole on his dog toy. He knows how to open its mouth and feed it a treat. He understands how to give me what I ask for, and who mommy and daddy are. He may not fully crawl yet, but he has the most infectious laugh. He may drool buckets, but I finally see the telling bump of a top tooth. And he may drop and fling food at times, but he doesn’t refuse his veggies or fruits and loves to feed himself.

I don’t know how I got to be so incredibly blessed with a great baby boy. He does not cry for no reason, he gives kisses freely and is so curious about everything around him. He is the brightest part of my day. I can’t wait to see what his life will hold for him.