My Birth Story-Miles

I woke up at 4am on Tuesday, January 5 to get ready to go to the hospital for a scheduled c-section. I was really calm and relaxed despite being disappointed that I did not go into labor naturally beforehand. I really wanted to try for a natural birth, but I guess someone had another plan for me.

When we arrived at the hospital two hours before our surgery time, we went straight to the post-op recovery room where I remember being after I had Jacob. No fancy labor and delivery room for me. The nurses were very friendly and started to get me prepared. I thought there might be a lot of waiting around but something was happening most of the time. Soon enough, the anesthesiologist was there explaining what would happen and how I might feel, which was different from the emergency csection. Then my doctor came to check on me and say they were almost ready.

One thing I really wanted to do differently this time was to see the baby as soon as he was born (while still all dirty and gooey). I missed that with Jacob and I felt it was harder to really bond with him because of that and how scared I was. Luckily, when I mentioned it to my doctor (despite it being maybe 30 minutes before we began) she said they would do what they can.

When we went into the operating room, I got on the table and got the spinal block, which was not as bad as I thought it might be. I was surprised at how quickly I started losing feeling in my legs and soon enough I was on the table and they got going. Again, I was so surprised at how quickly things went! I thought it may take a little longer since it wasn’t an emergency but as I laid there holding my husband’s hand, I got updates from the anesthesiologist that they were nearly there. After a little tugging, a nurse lowered the little window flap on the drape in front of me (they found this drape just for me!) and I saw my son’s head and body being held up. It was only for a few seconds, but it was so magical and felt RIGHT that I couldn’t say anything but “I like it!” Soon enough I could hear little cries and sent David off to take our second son’s first video. When they cleaned him and brought him to lay on my chest I just soaked him up and touched his head.

After that, the doctor quickly wrapped up my surgery while dad and Miles waited for me in the recovery room. I held on to the image of him being born while waiting the maybe 15-20 minutes to be reunited. The funny thing is when your body is numb but you are fully awake, things are so off. When they moved me to the bed, the nurses said it would feel like I am falling which was so true! By then I was so happy that I just said “whee!”

Once I was back in recovery, we put a naked (diapered) Miles directly on my chest for some skin to skin time. He started rooting around and I helped him start nursing, which he took to right away! We stayed in recovery for over an hour until a room was ready and began the long journey to recovery. It hasn’t been easy, but finally one week in and I am getting used to this routine again. I just wish I could spend more quality time with Jacob. He has been very good with there being a baby in the house, but I still don’t think it has sunk in that Miles is here to stay. I want Jacob to be more involved but right now we are just trying to keep him in a bit of his routine while I recover.