Today marks the 20 week point! I am amazed at the fact that in a few more months we will be bringing home our baby boy! Now that we have come so far, it is time to really start planning a few things. Since I have some time off of work for the holidays, I am looking forward to researching some baby items (strollers, carseats, cribs, etc).

I thought I would also share some of the frequently asked questions I get.

1) Do you get sick?
I don’t know why people want to know about my stomach issues, but whatever. I actually did really well the first 8 weeks or so. After that first appointment and ultrasound, I started getting more nauseous, and had a few “episodes” of morning sickness. It wasn’t that bad though. I still get nauseous when my stomach gets too empty, but even that is way less at this point. For the most part it tapered down after about 17 weeks.

2) Do you have any cravings?
I don’t think that I do. I would say I have just been more picky with what food I want. During the first trimester it was hard to think of any meal that sounded good. The only thing that always sounded yummy was ice cream. Now I am doing better at eating just what is available. No cravings for anything unusual, though!

3) Can I touch your belly?
This is a new one for me! For family I don’t really mind because I know them and know how excited they are…it is cute really. For other people, they usually ask first. Depending on who it is, I am okay with it (for now, at least). I think it is a little strange that people want to go around touching my ice cream storage unit, especially when it is still a little flabby. But, I get it too. It is fascinating that a little human is in there!

4) Can you feel kicking yet?
Well, I don’t know if it is kicking, but I can definitely feel him moving around more and more. At first it was a little butterfly in the belly feeling, and it has slowly been getting stronger. Now I can feel him kinda rolling around, and sometimes a quick jab to the stomach. So far it has only been felt from the inside, but as he keeps growing I am sure David will feel them from the outside of my tummy soon enough.

5) Have you thought of names?
David and I have a list going. While we were set on a boys name for a few years (when we started talking about future kids) it is hard to ignore all the other possibilities. We will likely have a short list of names ready, and then see what this little guy looks like to make the final decision. For now, he is just “Baby”

That is it for now, but as I think of more (or if you have any questions for me) I will include them!