Jacob has been in the world for 14 weeks now and is a central figure in the Bonilla household. His stuff is all mixed in with ours…a blanket here, some pants there and him always at the front of our thoughts. I don’t know if 14 weeks sounds like a lot, but time sure has flown by. I feel nostalgic already for those first few weeks when he was so tiny and new. I wish I had taken more pictures with him, even though I felt so tired and was in some pain from the c-section.

I am now preparing to get back to work, and start our new routine. Jacob will be going to a daycare very close to our house when I go back in a week and a half. David and I have struggled with figuring out what is best for Jacob while I go back to work. I prayed about it in Church, and immediately God sent a reassurance that we were doing the right thing. A lady in the nursery where Jacob was during the service had sent her daughter to the same daycare and told us she loved it. I am so grateful for this sign and while it will still be hard to leave him, I know he will be protected.

So I now need to get into work mode. I am so grateful that I love my job and have supportive people around me. I am sure it will be busy, and it will take a huge adjustment for both me and Jacob, but I gladly do it if it means more financial security for Jacob’s future.