We just got home from what was probably one of the most memorable trips we’ve had. This weekend was such a wonderful treat, and I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who treats me so well. I already told him he has to be careful or I will be very spoiled 🙂

The drive up to Pismo Beach on Friday was beautiful. Although it was a bit rainy for portions, the coast looked so pretty and there was no traffic. We stopped in Santa Barbara for a delicious lunch and to get some special chocolates from a shop we visited the last time we were there. When we got to Pismo just before 4pm, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the hotel was. The view was gorgeous and we were surprised with a little gift bag of a onesie with the hotel name on it and a blanket. Inside were also coupons for some treats during our stay.

Our hotel room was simply amazing. The view of the coast was breathtaking and we quickly set out to explore before the sun set. We made our way down to the beach where the tide was out and got to explore some tide pools. We later went out for a lite dinner of salad and pizza before heading back to the hotel room and a nice warm bath for me.

Our second day was pure luxury and relaxation. We started with a complimentary breakfast, then took a quick trip to a butterfly grove. I loved seeing thousands of monarch butterflies flitting around. We also walked around the Pismo pier for a bit, before heading back to the hotel to prepare for our couples massage.

We each had VERY relaxing massages! I almost didn’t want to get off of the table! I will have to remember to have a few more before baby comes 🙂 we headed back to our room after that to continue the relaxation by just being lazy. We watched tv, requested our complimentary sparkling apple cider and dessert, and just laid around before getting ready for dinner. It was in this relaxed state that David felt his son move for the first time! He was laying with his head on my stomach and heard (and felt) baby kick him in the ear. Later, as baby was really moving a lot, he was able to feel with his hand. It was perfect timing for baby to show off for his daddy 🙂

If you saw David’s Facebook posts, we had an incredible dinner. We had a voucher for the restaurant in the hotel, and didn’t think to make a reservation, but luckily they were able to give us a table. They had a special “restaurant month” menu which included 3 courses for $30. I figured it would be decent, but was treated to a spectacular meal. I had a butternut squash soup to start, followed by a very fresh piece of salmon over some asparagus and tomatoes in a citrus and balsamic sauce. David had a delicious lemon shrimp risotto and seared duck breast over some greens with onions, apples, bacon and croutons. Just when it couldn’t get better, i ordered the chocolate cake with mango sorbet and the server gave me a HUGE piece! David had an equally yummy pineapple upside-down cake with coconut sorbet and a little coconut cookie. We somehow managed to tear ourselves out of the food coma and make our way back to our room, but not before raving to the maitre’d about how much we enjoyed the dinner. Since we were stuffed, we got back into the relaxing mode and ordered an in-room movie and called it a night.

This morning, although we were sad to leave, we made the most of it by having a very tasty breakfast at a little hole in the wall place and walking around the town a bit. Sadly, soon enough we needed to start heading back to reality. Now we are home, and trying to stay in a vacation state of mind.

That will be tough, though, because my countdown says I have just under 15 weeks left. So, we will soon be busying ourselves with preparations for Baby B’s arrival. Within the next few weeks we will start planning his room and making some of the bigger purchases. It is so exciting to think we are going to meet this little guy soon. Well, it is a little scary too, but I know that we will figure everything out. We have a great support with our family and friends. So, onwards with the countdown!