“Yum! Rice!”

Valerie and I had nearly given up on getting Jacob to eat food that is right in front of him with his hands. Yesterday, we decided to give it another shot. So I stuck some sliced bananas in front of him. The positive was that he started grabbing them and shoving them into his mouth. Mom and dad were so proud. The negative was that dad should have chosen something other than bananas because the end result was a banana filled mess absolutely everywhere. Toward the end, he was just playing with the stuff, mashing it and seeing what he could smear it on.

Today, and a load of laundry later, I decided to be a little smarter and made him some pasta noodles to go with his breakfast. While the floor once again hot the majority of it, it was easier to clean and his clothes did not suffer the same banana wrath from the night before.

Jacob and I had lunch with my parents at the Olive Garden and Jacob tried again. This time with some breadsticks (just the inside part so that he did not get the salt) dipped in water after his lunch. Again, he absolutely had a blast eating that off of the table.

After dinner, I threw some white rice from my dinner in front of him, and he was at it again. This one may have been his favorite. We are so happy to see our little man progressing. Better late than never.