Jacob has entered his really clingy phase. He always wants to be with us, in our arms, or just next to us. Dropping him off at day care leaves him in tears once he realizes that we are not staying there with him. Sometimes, he will grab onto my pants and hold on for dear life once he realizes that daddy is off to work. He doesn’t seem to have any issues once we are gone, it’s just the leaving portion that is the issue.

On the plus side, he has become very cuddly at times. It is absolutely adorable to be holding him and feel his arms wrapping around you or holding on while he rests his head on you.

Working on standing

Jacob is super mobile now, crawling faster than we can sometimes keep up with. He is good at getting himself up on his own and has even stood on his own for 5 seconds or so before falling on his butt and laughing like crazy because he finds it so hilarious to fall. Something tells me that is going to be bad later. LOL.

He has no problems walking around with a little help and most of the kids in his class are walking, so hopefully he will follow soon.

Time for another haircut?

His hard has grown fast. It already looks like it needs another trim. It was not that long ago that he god his first haircut. However, we are unsure if we are going to let it grow out or buzz it again. Shorter may be better for summer.

Future drummer?

One of Jacob’s favorite toys now is a little toy drum that came with drum sticks. He loves going to town, making his special brand of music. And don’t get me started on the big spoons and pots in the kitchen.


The Bonilla men on Father’s Day