Everyone loves baby firsts, right? That first smile, the first time they sit up, the first words, the first time the crawl, first steps, the first time they walk on their own. Firsts are wonderful! Well, most of them are.

There is also baby’s first tantrum — and Jacob has had his.

Shortly after we stopped his favorite songs and cartoons on the iPad because it was time to eat dinner, he started refusing food and getting very fussy. It got worse and worse. Eventually, he was squirming and kicking. Crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Val, being the loving and concerned mother that she is, was very worried and thought that something may be hurting him.

We ran the shower because he loves bath time and we thought that might soothe him. Nope. Finally, it was getting so bad that Val was ready to take him to urgent care because she thought he was in some kind of massive pain.

Then we remembered his cousins around that age and thought, “uh oh.” Could this be a tantrum from turning off his songs? Before we rushed to find a medical explanation, I decided to test this theory.

I took screaming Jacob back to the iPad and started playing the songs again. He immediately stopped and was calm again.

It was indeed a tantrum. Not all firsts are fun.