Baby Bean’s first photo

It has been 4 weeks since Valerie gave me the good news. Yesterday, we got our first look an our¬†new little addition, who I have affectionately nicknamed ‘Baby Bean’ for now. Seeing that little heart flicker was just as magical as it was when we first saw it with Jacob.

Valerie is about 8 weeks along right now and we are taking things one day at a time. She seems to be more nauseous than she was with Jacob. She’ll have some cravings. Nothing crazy. Pepperoni pizza here, chips and salsa there. More than cravings, it seems to be “everything except this one food that I want right now makes me feel sick.” I am just rolling with it. Tonight, she could not think of what she wanted for dinner until pretty late and sent me out to Carson for some carnitas from Diana’s. I had forgotten about some of the food runs from Jacob. It’s all part of the fun.

Jacob is going to make a fantastic big brother. He loves seeing babies so hopefully he loves our new little one. He has such a kind heart and we can only hope that he welcomes being a big brother and having Team Bonilla going from a roster of three to four.

We have not told anyone yet. Not even our families. We wanted to wait until after the first doctor appointment, which was yesterday. As things happen, we are reminded by the familiarity of it all and are feeling blessed beyond belief.

Lord, please watch over our little Baby Bean. Grow grow grow.