Jacob has hit twelve weeks and likely twelve pounds! He is growing so much each week that I can hardly believe he was once so tiny inside me. It is such a miracle that he started out as a bunch of cells and grew into this little person.

In addition to getting bigger, we can tell that he is growing developmentally too. He has better control over his movements and is starting to discover what his hands can do. We are able to make him smile and sometimes laugh. He has learned that he can make objects move by hitting them, and he recognizes certain sounds. He even can entertain himself in the mornings for quite a while. I just love watching him play and look around his crib through our monitor. And, when one of us finally goes in to get him, he has a big smile and lots of coos. It makes waking up so much fun.

That doesn’t mean that every moment is easy. There are still times he cries and we don’t know what is bothering him. Or, there are the pee or spit up accidents when we just changed him. Sometimes there is poo everywhere. But, we love him and happily take the challenges as long as we get those smiles.