According to Val’s iPhone app, our baby is now the size of a pineapple. That’s getting pretty big to me. Val said that she hopes that his hair does not come out “prickly.”

So yesterday we spent the entire day (8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) in our Prepared Childbirth class. I saw a real birth for the first time ever. It wasn’t a fake “made for TV or movie” birth, but the real deal. At first, I was nervous about watching it, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. They actually showed many. One in particular was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. So as the baby was coming out, the mom giving birth in the hospital with a doctor and nurses all around her, reaches down and grabs the baby and pulls it out of herself and lays it on her chest. She pretty much just told everyone, “Get away. I got this” and then pulled it out like some super-woman. I nearly jumped up and yelled, “Did everyone just see that? Someone hit rewind! Where is the rewind button?!!” Except I probably would have said it with more colorful¬†metaphors.

It was pure awesomeness.