Wow, time is flying by now. I went over the calendar with David yesterday and there is a lot going on between now and when Baby B will be born. Between work, appointments, weekend activities, and all we still need to do to get the house ready, it will be hard to sit with my feet up!! I am sure I can find some time soon, though.

With just over 10 weeks left, I still feel pretty good (all things considered). The hardest part is managing my Gestational Diabetes. Testing 4 times a day has been difficult, but I am finally getting the hang of it. Mostly I miss all those goodies that baby (well, mom really) craves. I know that I need to stay away from all the sweets, though, to make sure baby is not being set up for difficulty as he grows. I am lucky that this was caught when it was, and he is measuring right on track.

So, on to more little tasks that need to get done šŸ™‚