Wow, time is moving quickly and lots of exciting things are happening. We had our first class yesterday on newborn baby care. Most of the information David and I remember reading in our books, but we did learn some new things too. The fun part was when we got to practice different ways to hold our baby. We had a floppy baby doll that felt pretty real! David has mastered the cradle hold and football hold. Next week we will learn about bathing, diapering and more!

Tomorrow is our Childbirth class (all day, yikes)! I am a little nervous but still excited to learn about all my options. I am glad we are doing it a bit early so we can practice our favorite techniques. I don’t yet know what my pain tolerance will be, so I will be taking lots of notes! Hopefully David doesn’t get too grossed out by any video they show!

Now that baby B’s furniture is in his room, we can start planning on how it will look in a few weeks with decorations and other items. I really like how cozy it already feels. I think baby and I will have lots of fun bonding in there.

Baby is doing well. He moves so much and I can tell he is bigger. I just hope he stays a reasonable size šŸ™‚