Well, that snuck up on us. Here we are at 37 weeks now (as of yesterday) and it feels like we had all the time in the world not too long ago. Of course, things have been hectic since Halloween so that may have something to do with it.

With work on our house 99.9% done, we are focusing on getting things ready. Today, I had the fun task of raising Jacob’s old crib back up to the newborn height. A task that sounds easier than it actually was. We are gather supplies like diapers and such in preparation.

Val started her maternity leave, so now we’ll be able to coordinate things better.

Jacob seems to be getting excited. Sadly, he gave up his bedroom for the baby. It was just easier than moving the crib and everything baby related to a new room and figuring out a way for it to fit. We just moved Jacob’s bed. He likes his new room though because all of his toys are there. After all, it was his former playroom. He’ll get the bigger room back when he gets older.

The baby has turned and is now upside down, waiting for the day to exit Val and enter our lives. Val seems to think that the baby will come early. Like right after Christmas. Of course, that is just a feeling. We shall see.

We’re almost there.