Baby has reached the size of an eggplant (but one that weighs over a pound). Looking at my stomach these days, I can believe it! Baby B is also getting lots of practice in moving around and kicking. Sometimes, out of nowhere, my stomach will jump with a good swift kick. Yesterday he was really active, and it is amazing every time I feel his movements. I tell him he is doing a good job at kicking, and to keep practicing.

In other news, I caught a pretty bad cold. Lots of people are sick around me, and even though I try to avoid them I guess it is just in the air. I spent all yesterday hanging around at home with Netflix to entertain me and what seemed like gallons of orange juice and water. Hoping I see some improvement by today, since it is a long weekend and I don’t want to spend the entire time sick. Baby doesn’t seem too disturbed by my coughing or sneezes.

I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, but as far as I can tell everything is going along normally. I booked the majority of my prenatal classes for March and April. Now David and I are just talking about starting to get the baby’s room ready and making some purchases. He’ll be staying in the Yuko suite (aka our spare bedroom), and we have already seen some decor we like. We may paint one wall (by we I mean David) for extra color in the room. If I am feeling better Monday I will suggest a trip to Home Depot to look at paint choices.

Lots to do and just over 15 weeks left! How time flies!